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Good music-it's as simple as that

If you love good music, you'll love CFN Q. It's as simple as that. The artist has been passionate about music for his entire life, and he's proud to announce the new release of his first ever mixtape, Influences. You can stream Influences on all major platforms, or you can download it for free. However you get it, you'll want to turn up the volume and put it on repeat.

CFN Q is also offering stylish merch for sale. Check it out on our Merchandise page.

Meet the other artists under our label

Meet the other artists under our label

CFN Q is part of CFN Da Label. Our other artists include:

  • CFN Santana
  • CFN Glo
  • CFN Shank

You'll hear the same high-quality production value and fresh beats that you've come to expect from CFN Q when you listen to any of these artists. Reach out today to learn more about our label.

Get to know CFN Q

Who is CFN Q? Here are some quick facts:

He was born in Baton Rouge, LA

He moved to Buffalo 15 years ago

He's had a passion for music his whole life

He recently started recording

He's ready to take over the top charts

You'll want to keep an eye on this rising star. Stream Influences today to see what all the hype is about.