What We Stand For

What We Stand For

More than just music

CFN Q is about more than just music. He's working hard to build his brand around the principles of great music and strong hustle. He won't stop until CFN is on the map and his singles are topping the chart. We'd love for you to join us on this journey.

CFN means "Came From Nothing," and that is something that Q has grown accustomed to since moving from Baton Rouge, LA, to Buffalo, NY, making a name for himself along the way in the music industry. He's a dedicated family man focused on leaving a legacy behind for his children. Stream Influences today to get a feel for our brand.

Our 3 core values

We've always been upfront about what we stand for. The CFN Q brand represents:

1.Making something out of nothing
2.Doing everything for family
3.Leaving a legacy behind

Of course, we're also all about good music. Listen today to hear the next top tracks before they take off.